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Our distinguished Web & Mobile development is defined by the custom solutions we deliver.

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Software Development

From idea to deployment we deliver your product tailored to your needs. We build apps for any platform by using the same programming language for web, iOS, Android, or desktop helping us deliver products at a lower cost and at warp speed.

User Experience & Interface

We take into mind the user experience (UX) during our planning phase. This is essential to the success of any product and our team utilizes this expertise to create user interfaces (UI) that translates the product into an off-world experience.

Project Management

Our methodology to deliver projects and manage teams is unique. We create the framework to help plan and coordinate technology solutions that our customers need.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is key to bring traffic to your site. We strategically place visibility to your website and product by strategically placing it on the eyes of the planet.


Branding can launch you from where you are now to the Moon. We deliver brand identity, logos, and positioning strategies. Making your identity relevant and authentic is a process of not only hard work but sentiment. We convey a complete story where you are involved every step of the way.

Team of Experts

Passion, quality and customer service is part of your culture. Our team’s expertise in different areas of development facilitates our deliveries and will guide you through every part of the project.

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Orban Mendoza

The mission specialist and account manager with a background in the biotechnology industry working for 3 years in DuPont and obtaining an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. He moved to an investment firm in his home town where he developed Agile Methodologies for the sales and analyst departments.

We deliver from countdown to launch!

SkyRocket builds upon latest technologies!


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